Supporting your esg goals

Reducing energy.
Reducing cost.

NexRev helps businesses across North America to save more than 4.9 billion kWh of energy - reducing energy costs by over $1 billion a year

Achieve your ESG goals

Our solutions reduce energy consumption while reducing costs, helping you to achieve your ESG goals.

Measurable green benefits

Avoid greenwashing with clear, measurable benefits to track progress, monitor KPIs and ensure you stay on track.

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Reduce carbon and drive sustainability

Ensure you can deliver on Environmental commitments

NexRev’s solutions help you deliver on all goals and prove your sustainability credentials to your stakeholders and customers. The energy consumption and cost reductions they deliver provide tangible proof of your progress, with clear results.

Use proven technology and solutions to drive your sustainability journey.

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Obtain accurate measurements
  • Aggregate key data from building systems
  • Understand how your real estate footprint performs

Effective waste management

Eliminate waste and optimize building management systems to take control and accelerate sustainability efforts

Carbon reduction for your business

With NexRev, you can measurably reduce your carbon consumption, with accurate reporting and KPIs, backed by economic benefits

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Build your sustainable business with nexrev

Meet the needs of Society and boost your business

By adopting new sustainability goals, you can build business value through enhanced reputation and relationships. Our solutions deliver insights and actions, enabling you to meet your commitments, so you can demonstrate the impact of your ESG programs.

Build your reputation and attract and reassure customers and your communities.

  • Share results and measure progress
  • Enhance reporting and visibility
  • Support local and national objectives
  • Grow your reputation

Deliver your commitments

Our solutions provide the reporting and data you need to measure and manage your progress towards delivering on your commitments

Build your reputation and credentials

Generate business value by enhancing reputation, employee motivation and recruitment, and community awareness

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Support supply chain management, processes, and procedures

Effective Governance for your sustainability programs

The results we deliver help you to drive impactful reporting and to provide clear audit histories as you track progress with stakeholders. They enable you to optimize plans and accelerate ESG goals.

Support supply chain management, processes, and procedures with actionable data.

  • Drive integrated reporting and metrics
  • Build a complete picture from your business
  • Create new benchmarks and targets
  • Understand and consolidate efforts across your supply chain

Comply with best practice and industry standards

Working with NexRev gives you the benefit of decades of best practice innovation and solutions that deliver the metrics you need

Control your supply chain

Consolidate data and ensure processes and systems are aligned with your ESG program and targets

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