September 18, 2019, Plano, TX – NexRev, LLC announces new hire Walt Channell who joins the organization as Executive Vice President of Technology.

NexRev, LLC continues advancing in the digital landscape, effectively integrating new technology into business operations. Where facility and energy management companies have fallen short, NexRev’s efforts provide advanced, industry-specific technology and lines of business. As a leader in facility and energy management for nearly 26 years, NexRev understands the value data analytics deliver through emerging technology and is shaping our operations to most effectively support our customer’s portfolio of facilities.

Channell shares: “I started working at an early age and while this developed into a great work ethic, I learned how to partner with others to reach a common goal, enabling growth personally and in my career.”

In previous roles, Channell executed complex integrations across diversified platforms. His responsibilities included: product management and development, cybersecurity, data privacy, and governance, as well as C-level strategy consultation. He oversaw implementation across the planning, budgeting, development, and execution phases for Fortune 500 Companies in the following business segments: real estate, facilities management, energy management, advertising, medical, and financial services.

As Executive Vice President of Technology, Channell will lead the technology team through NexRev’s digital transformation where he is responsible for product management, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and development operations.

About NexRev, LLC

NexRev, LLC – NexRev, LLC is an energy and facilities management firm with a strong line of business services and solutions to proactively manage multisite environments. NexRev’s specialized team of analysts, engineers, and technicians maximize the performance value of commercial spaces by   implementing technology, managing data, reducing energy and operational cost, and expanding the sustainability of equipment lifecycle. NexRev, LLC provides scalable solutions to streamline managing EMS, HVAC, and facility-associated costs. Discover how NexRev’s technology can improve the performance of your facility’s environment.

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