Connecting our Energy Management Systems to optimize monitoring and performance

Connecting our Energy Management Systems to optimize monitoring and performance

Freedom and DrivePak, the two components of our Energy Management Systems (EMS), can be deployed separately but were developed to complement each other and provide organizations with an EMS which provides meaningful, and actionable, data.

Freedom provides a centralized view of all connected devices, sensors and meters that have been installed within a commercial building.

Freedom also monitors deployments of NexRev’s DrivePak, which reduces the energy consumption of existing commercial air conditioning units found on the rooftops of nearly all retail, entertainment, and dining sites.

To achieve connectivity to DrivePak (or any other device) NexRev can utilize wired or wireless connectivity. While wireless connectivity is ideal is some situations, there are others for which traditional wired connectivity is the best solution to provide optimal throughput and reliability.

For wiring projects, it is critical to have properly routed, labeled, and documented cable runs. Without this, site management and support are next to impossible. For this reason, NexRev provides a data cabling service (separate from our DrivePak or Freedom solutions) that specializes in clean, well-documented installations of all data cabling types. For example, we can organize any network jacks on the walls back to their main network switches and pull network cables and HDMI/VGA cables to destinations such as TVs hanging in lobbies.

IoT, NexRev and Energy Management Systems

NexRev continues to move towards widespread deployment of wireless IoT devices to collect data from multiple sources at multiple sites. However, traditional wired connectivity remains an important consideration and must be performed properly and to the correct standards to meet all applicable safety and legal requirements.

As IoT and wireless technology advances, NexRev will continue to analyze every deployment and recommend the best option that provides the most cost effective and reliable connectivity for your deployment.

In this earlier blog, IoT, DrivePak and Freedom – building on a long history of remote data collection and processing to optimize HVAC performance, we discussed the evolution of IoT, and how it is now being widely integrated into corporate operational practices and processes.

Meanwhile, our blog Commercial Air Conditioners, Wasted Energy – and How NexRev Fits in gives an overview of what we do – and why it’s important.

NexRev and your Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Building Management systems (BMS)

At NexRev, we’ve been unlocking the power in facility and energy management data with over a million connected devices across North America.

Our team of experts are focused on helping you deliver more with your budgets, infrastructure, and assets to create sustainable savings in operations and energy, reducing your risk and increasing operational confidence.

We can help your organization uncover new energy saving opportunities with our insights:

  • Expert analysis and operational reviews
  • Advice targeted to your operational facilities
  • Understanding of your business and ESG goals
  • Tuning to meet evolving requirements and needs

NexRev’s customers are large household names in retail, restaurants, finance, travel and leisure, federal and municipal government buildings, grocery, schools and universities.

They include Home Depot, Lowes, Floor & Décor, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ross, Burlington, At Home, Academy Sports, Pilot/Flying, Walmart, Aldi. Bank of America – and movie theaters across America including Cinemark, Regal, AMC and CMX.

These companies have hundreds of sites spread across a regional or national footprint.  To optimize the consumption of electricity, their corporate energy managers need to have an overview of – and control over – electricity consumption across their entire property portfolio.

To start the conversation about how we can help you to meet sustainability goals, reduce energy consumption and waste, please send a message to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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