Energy optimization consulting

Energy optimization consulting

For reasons we’re all likely familiar with, energy optimization has become a byword in the facilities management community. But what about consulting? Whether the motivation is to increase cost savings, reduce energy waste, or assume greater environmental responsibility HVAC and lighting systems must perform with maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, optimization is easier conceptually than it is in practice, and consulting with experts is an integral part of a successful project.

With over 100,000 deployments and thirty years of experience, NexRev has the expertise to assist you with more than just the equipment needed to implement a successful energy strategy.

Are you in control?

Even where there appears to be a degree of system control, optimization can often be improved. For example, an organization may have invested heavily in its HVAC, but the continuing fault analysis, management, and system auditing processes needed for long-term performance may be missing. This results in a great HVAC tool lacking the expertise necessary for it to perform as efficiently as possible leading to energy waste and increased costs. Too often facility managers are bogged down in managing significant projects and need more time for the detailed analysis necessary to maximize their organization’s investments. That needs to change, but how?

The answer is simple: take a step back and work with an expert partner. A small investment in analysis and recommendations from an expert consultant experienced in energy optimization, coupled with managed services, can deliver significant results. Working with a trusted advisor makes sure that an organization not only recognizes maximum value from its energy investment, but also that the energy and facilities manager’s efforts can be directed for maximum effect where needed. For the time-pressed, project-juggling executive that’s a significant plus.

Expertise required

A consultant starts at ground-zero, using available energy, sensor, and equipment data to analyze the whole system in terms of both costs and performance. They seek to answer fundamental questions such as: Does the building have the correct equipment to reach maximum efficiency? Are controls and sensors operating properly and are they delivering the best return on investment as the system has aged? Is the system designed for maximum efficiency, or can improvements be made? Have any components been needlessly bypassed during maintenance?

When an organization considers installing a specific energy solution such as DrivePak or a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for HVAC, or an Energy/Building Management System (EMS/BMS), expert “audit and analysis” function should come first. The most efficient optimization components cannot improve your energy efficiency in isolation, and achieving optimal performance requires a broad approach.

Optimization is a process, and it starts with information, progresses to system design and construction, integrates automation and optimization, and provides maintenance and monitoring throughout the facility’s lifecycle. Overlooking any of the steps reduces the whole’s effectiveness (and lowers the Return on Investment).

The Rules of energy optimization

Every facilities manager’s goal is to install and maintain equipment that operates using the least amount of energy possible without sacrificing performance.

The main challenge is that buildings and systems aren’t static. Inevitably, additional devices are added, parts are replaced as they fail, and functionality is augmented with new components. Plus, workarounds are sometimes necessary to address failures or integrate with new equipment. As components within the system, and technology, change over time it becomes increasingly important to have experts taking an overall view of the entire system.

This is the context in which ongoing system performance can be judged and where expertise is required at the outset to secure results at the end of the process. It’s a process that has three key steps.


Facilities managers must have accurate energy-use measurements across the entire system if they hope to optimize its performance. As we’ve seen, systems change over time and their measurements vary. Measurement should be a regular step, perhaps realized through an annual, comprehensive system audit by an expert.


Optimization needs to be driven by a system-wide view, not just component-by-component. Installing an additional piece of equipment to improve performance in one area is of limited value if it has a negative impact on the whole system or ends up with low ROI due to improper placement. The potential for increasing energy efficiency can only be fully realized by understanding the whole.


The process of optimization may start with a one-off investment in understanding, but it then must become an automatic, dynamic, and continuous process. Energy optimization is not a static event, and once the baseline is revealed real-time inputs and adjustments to ever changing conditions are necessary.

Start on the right foot, get results

We know that the general arguments for energy optimization are compelling. Addressing costs, waste, and sustainability mandates while maximizing investment by fine-tuning performance after installation is vital. Yet despite these realities, many optimization projects start off on the wrong foot.

Getting the best start for the best end results is easily achieved. Expert consultancy enables the facility manager to look at energy performance holistically and respond to the issues that will produce the largest impact. The consultant can make certain that a system-level approach to energy performance is realized, a goal that many system investments fail to reach. So, while EMS/BMS, lighting, and HVAC optimization solutions are vital, consultancy is a critical first step to realizing your full return on investment.

The NexRev advantage

At NexRev, we’ve been unlocking the power of facility and energy management data with over a million connected devices across North America. Our team of experts is focused on helping you deliver more with your budgets, infrastructure, and assets to create sustainable savings in operations and energy, reducing your risk and increasing operational confidence.

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