How does a BMS save your business money?

How does a BMS save your business money?

The Green Consultancy writes that “a properly functioning Building Management System (BMS) is crucial to minimising energy consumption – yet most are wasting vast amounts of energy” and that “a properly functioning BMS should deliver energy efficiency savings in the order of 15-20% yet…most are wasting 15-50%.”                

In these previous blogs, Retail sustainability – How an Energy Management System can help to reduce the amount of electricity wasted in shops and warehouses and How can you reduce costs for your HVAC systems and applications we set out how and why we agree with The Green Consultancy that “Improving the operation of your BMS is probably the single most cost-effective energy efficiency measure you can take.”

Maximizing savings from EMS/BMS

Con Edison defines Building management systems (BMS) as “software-based platforms that monitor and control a building’s mechanical and electrical equipment” that “increase a buildings efficiency and cut energy usage. This allows building managers to respond quickly as energy demand changes.”

Con Edison also advises that “Operational performance is improved (through BMS) by allowing the building manager or operator to control the building’s equipment more seamlessly through one system. This allows energy to be used only where and when it is needed. Outdated BMS can lead to a surge in energy use. By updating your BMS, you can save energy as well as money through this program.”

NexRev Energy and Building Management systems (EMS/BMS)

Freedom is NexRev’s combined Energy and Building Management System (EMS / BMS), which provides a centralized view of the connected devices, sensors, and meters  installed within a commercial building - and any deployments of NexRev’s DrivePak.

We built Freedom from the ground up with our team of engineers (with decades of EMS/BMS experience), starting with the local control routines and user interfaces to provide a solid foundation for the system.

Freedom is the data processing engine that aggregates, stores, and filters the essential data collected from remote sites and transmitted over IoT networks so that our customers can see – at a glance – KPIs and reports that provide actionable insights to optimize energy consumption.

With integrated analytics and automated workflows, Freedom provides efficient monitoring and control for energy management – covering HVACs, lights, and more.

Working with NexRev, our customers have now saved over $1B on their energy bills and in waste reduction, which equates to more than five Billion kWh of energy saved – and over two Billion Kg reduction of CO2 emissions.

About NexRev

At NexRev, we are unlocking the power of facility and energy management data with over a million connected devices across North America.

Our team of experts is focused on helping you deliver more with your budgets, infrastructure, and assets to create sustainable savings in operations and energy, reducing your risk and increasing operational confidence.

We can help your organization uncover new energy saving opportunities with our insights:

  • Expert analysis and operational reviews
  • Advice targeted to your operational facilities
  • Understanding of your business and ESG goals
  • Tuning to meet evolving requirements and needs

To start the conversation about how we can help you to meet sustainability goals, reduce energy consumption and waste, please send a message to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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