How energy managers are getting the most out of Freedom, our Energy and Building Management System EMS / BMS solution for commercial buildings

How energy managers are getting the most out of Freedom, our Energy and Building Management System EMS / BMS solution for commercial buildings

Freedom is NexRev’s combined Energy and Building Management System (EMS / BMS) which provides a centralized view of the connected devices, sensors and meters that have been installed within a commercial building - and any deployments of NexRev’s DrivePak.

Our in-house R&D team based just outside of Dallas Texas is continuously in touch with our customers to discuss new features and capabilities that will further improve Freedom and help our customers optimize the energy use of their commercial buildings.

In addition to continually working with our customers to introduce new and innovative capabilities for Freedom, we always want to make sure that they are maximizing Freedom’s features.  Many of our customers have regional and national deployment footprints that experience widely differing operating conditions. Each site needs to be locally tuned, while centralized information covers the entire real estate footprint – combining the local, granular view with the big picture.  In our experience, the Freedom Enterprise suite of tools provides for just that, including the ability to:

  1. View all Freedom locations through one pane of glass. Freedom Enterprise allows the user to view all locations along with pertinent data from each location in one window.
  2. Make settings adjustments to multiple locations at once. This includes adjustments to setpoints, schedules, lockouts and other control settings. Freedom Enterprise allows the user to define what changes are to be made, and then select which locations to push these changes to.  The user can pick all locations, handpick a few specific locations, or use a filtering tool to pick a select group (perhaps a geographical region of the US).
  1. Customized reports so that energy managers don’t need to see the figures of sites that are working well - allowing them to focus in on sites that need attention.

Many systems in the marketplace today may provide some of the benefits listed above but are lacking in other areas.  For example, many systems provide a single pane of glass view for an enterprise of systems however, they require you to connect individually to each location to affect any changes on the system.  We’ve found that the full suite of tools provided with Freedom Enterprise proves to be the most efficient for the end user allowing you to perform your duties in the least amount of time possible.

The Freedom Enterprise and its suite of tools have measurably proven themselves quite valuable.  However, a good EMS/BMS must also have sound and efficient control routines running locally at each building so that comfort and energy efficiency levels are both maintained autonomously. To achieve this, we built Freedom from the ground up with our team of engineers (with decades of EMS/BMS experience) starting with the local control routines and user interfaces to provide a solid foundation for the system.  The final result is that the end user can get quite granular with the control methods at each location, if desired, while still having the ability to affect mass change in a small amount of time using Freedom Enterprise.

NexRev: EMS and BMS to manage energy consumption across multiple sites

NexRev’s customers are large household names in retail, restaurants, finance, travel and leisure, federal and municipal government buildings, grocery, schools and universities.

They include Home Depot, Lowes, Floor & Décor, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ross, Burlington, At Home, Academy Sports, Pilot/Flying J, Walmart, Aldi. Bank of America – and movie theatres across America including Cinemark, Regal, AMC and CMX.

These companies have hundreds of sites spread across a regional or national footprint.  To optimize the consumption of electricity, their corporate energy managers need to have an overview of – and control over – electricity consumption across their entire property portfolio. Local insights matter, just as the global view covers all of the company’s energy demands.

Freedom is the data processing engine that aggregates, stores, and filters the essential data collected from remote sites and transmitted over IoT networks, so that our customers can see – at a glance – KPIs and reports that provide actionable insights to optimize energy consumption.

With integrated analytics and automated workflows, Freedom provides efficient monitoring and control for energy management – covering HVACs, lights and more.

NexRev and your Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Building Management systems (BMS)

At NexRev, we are unlocking the power of facility and energy management data with over a million connected devices across North America.

Our team of experts is focused on helping you deliver more with your budgets, infrastructure, and assets to create sustainable savings in operations and energy, reducing your risk and increasing operational confidence.

We can help your organization uncover new energy saving opportunities with our insights:

  • Expert analysis and operational reviews
  • Advice targeted to your operational facilities
  • Understanding of your business and ESG goals
  • Tuning to meet evolving requirements and needs

To start the conversation about how we can help you to meet sustainability goals, reduce energy consumption and waste, please send a message to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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