HVAC Testing Adjusting and Balancing Services from NexRev

In addition to helping our customers maximize their energy savings with DrivePak and Freedom, NexRev’s flagship Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Building Management systems (BMS), our team of experts also provides a Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) service.

In a nutshell, this is evaluating the specific climate conditions and comfort needs of a building and then adjusting and balancing existing HVACs with the goal of improving their performance, minimizing energy waste, reducing the cost of heating and cooling the building – and achieving ESG targets. You can read more about this here: How can HVAC optimization deliver sustainable operations?

Our technicians are experts in their fields, industry veterans with years of experience who can support your journey to sustainable energy use, providing the expertise you need to maximize returns and to obtain ongoing performance enhancements and cost management.

In this earlier blog we discussed why at NexRev all our team members are full-time in-house W2 employees which means they care about our customers, improved quality assurance, and our company.

Another bonus is that NexRev is National Balancing Council (NBC) certified. NBC has stringent standards that must be met by companies that want their backing.

Our experts have a long list of things they check and measure during TAB including:

  • Noting any mechanical deficiencies
  • Measuring airflow amounts at supply, return and exhaust diffusers
  • Completing an Air Apparatus test report on every piece of HVAC equipment. This test report includes final CFM, RPM, blower amperage, and fan speed settings during all phases of equipment operation as well as other pertinent info such as filter sizes and condition.  

Using the information collected during the TAB evaluation, NexRev’s technicians can then tweak and finesse the various settings to customize the temperature and airflow for the building.

This will include:

  • Correcting any total airflow deficiencies at the unit
  • Setting the specific pressurization needed for the building.
  • Adjusting dampers to achieve design airflow at all diffusers.
  • Adjusting the variable pitch motor pulley (if equipped) to set the correct design CFM.
  • Adjusting all of the building’s exhaust fans.
  • Adjusting kitchen MAU’s and exhaust fans to provide design CFM. Kitchen capture hoods are smoke tested to verify they are capturing as designed.
  • Making adjustments to VFD set points for all modes of unit operations, where applicable
  • Setting outside air quantities to design parameters.

Individually, these are minor changes but collectively they can make a world of difference to the performance of your HVACs and RTUs.

The end result is that any building where NexRev performs TAB is optimally set for comfort, energy savings, and maximum efficiency.

Importantly, TAB makes sure that the time and money spent on your building’s mechanical engineering specifications is actually realized in the real world.  Additionally, in many cases pertaining to new buildings under construction, commissioning a Test, Adjusting, and Balance Service of your HVAC equipment is required to get the certificate of occupancy.

NexRev and your Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Building Management systems (BMS)

At NexRev, we’ve been unlocking the power in facility and energy management data with over a million connected devices across North America.

Our team of experts are focused on helping you deliver more with your budgets, infrastructure, and assets to create sustainable savings in operations and energy, reducing your risk and increasing operational confidence.

We can help your organization uncover new energy saving opportunities with our insights:

  • Expert analysis and operational reviews
  • Advice targeted to your operational facilities
  • Understanding of your business and ESG goals
  • Tuning to meet evolving requirements and needs

To start the conversation about how we can help you to meet sustainability goals, reduce energy consumption and waste, please send a message to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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