Building and energy management solutions

solutions to reduce waste and energy costs

NexRev provides intelligent facility management solutions that generate permanent cost savings and allow you to make the right decisions.

  • 100,000+ installations
  • $1 Billion+ client savings
  • 16 months to ROI
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Eliminating waste and meeting ESG goals

Intelligent energy management for your business, backed by real-time insights

For almost 30 years, NexRev has delivered solutions to help reduce building and energy waste – reducing overheads, carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Build sustainability into your business and processes

Reduce your carbon footprint with measurable results – set goals, track progress, and provide accurate reporting for all stakeholders.

Reduce costs and drive efficient operations

Our solutions make a huge impact, reducing your energy consumption and enable you to identify optimization opportunities – boosting your business.

Scalability and tuning for your complete footprint

Seamless scalability for your real estate footprint – single to multi-site, each uniquely tuned to the local conditions – NexRev scales to meet your needs.

Open and secure, depend on NexRev

Our solutions offer full interoperability, so they can be deployed in existing sites, as well as greenfield locations. Encryption protects your data.

NexRev products & solutions
  • Intelligent HVAC control for energy and cost savings

    NexRev DrivePak
    Process-driven energy intelligence

    With HVAC accounting for 42% of total building energy use, NexRev DrivePak can provide up to 22% energy savings.

    DrivePak diagram

    • Identify and eliminate waste, reduce cost

      DrivePak reduces peak demand and controls spikes for more efficient energy consumption and huge cost savings

    • Create a better working environment

      Humidity and temperature more efficiently managed for better occupant experience and longer equipment lifecycles

    • Flexible options – standalone or connected to our cloud

      DrivePak can be delivered as a standalone solution or integrated with the Freedom cloud-based building management system

    • 85,000+

      DrivePak installations

    • $1 Billion+

      of energy and waste reduction

    • 4.9 Billion kWh+

      of energy saved

  • Building energy management from the cloud

    NexRev Freedom
    Building management from the Cloud

    Future-proof software-as-a-service that applies process-driven intelligence to facility management, for real-time AI and significant cost savings

    Freedom diagram

    • Cloud-based service architecture

      Freedom’s cloud-based open platform is future proof so you are not limited by your building management system

    • Real-time analytics for informed decisions

      Clear, precise feedback with visibility into building operations through a single view of the entire portfolio

    • Create the reports you need for your business

      Custom reports to monitor remote devices and activities, optimize schedules, manage overnight activity and runtimes

    • 1,000,000+

      Devices deployed

    • $1 Billion+

      of energy and waste reduction

    • 4.9 Billion kWh+

      of energy saved

  • multi-site visibility of remote sensors

    NexRev Panel
    Aggregate and consolidate sensor data

    Panel is an aggregation point for remote sensor data. It collects and mediates data from NexRev devices and provides a gateway to the Freedom Cloud.

    Freedom diagram

    • Connect remote devices for rich insights

      Aggregate and collect data from NexRev devices, feeding the Freedom cloud platform so you can benefit from rich insights

    • Extend to multiple sensors and services

      Localized control of any NexRev sensor, covering lighting, HVACs, pumps – bringing assets together in a single interface

    • Delivered, supported by the industry’s best team

      Expert, custom configuration installed and supported by a growing team of licensed and certified technicians

    • 1,000,000+

      devices deployed

    • $1,000,000,000+

      of energy and waste reduction

    • 4.9 Billion kWh+

      of energy saved

  • The NexRev solution reduced our energy spend by more than 25% while improving store comfort, giving Conn’s visibility of saving measures as we move forward with growth.

    Senior Director R.E. Design, Construction, Facilities
  • We weren’t sure on how to upgrade our systems until NexRev showed us their BMS solution. They have been very forward thinking to ensure we won’t lose sight of any of our stores as we migrate to the latest framework.

    Facilities Services & Energy Management
  • NexRev Freedom provides multiple detailed reports with a simple click. Thank you very much for making our job easier!

    Senior Energy Manager
  • NexRev’s DrivePak delivered everything that was promised - and more. The amount of energy used by AC units was slashed immediately. We will continue to retrofit DrivePak onto all of our units. Increasing the longevity of each unit is another major plus for DrivePak.

    Energy and Facilities Manager
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An integrated suite of services

Our services
NexRev helps you make the most of your investments

We offer a complete range of field and managed services to back our solutions and deliver ROI, and to meet your environmental goals.

Field-proven technicians

All of our 150+ W2 technicians are OSHA certified and benefit from continual evaluation and training programs, so they deliver the best support possible to our customers, ensuring you benefit from optimum performance.

Service quality assured

Our technicians are licensed across all states, delivering quality and consistency to your business, backed by field installation audits to provide assurance. We work with you to ensure ongoing results.

Installation & Configuration

Deployment and tuning on-site, at every location

Operations & Monitoring

A complete team, invested in your ongoing success

Test & Balance

Optimize airflows to your unique needs

Field replacements

Rapid turnaround to ensure service continuity

Energy optimization

Discover new opportunities to reduce waste and cost

Nexrev in action

How we helped JCPenney make more than $5 million in energy savings

energy management solutions that deliver

Your industry
NexRev has 30 years of cross-industry experience

NexRev’s energy management solutions enable you to optimize conditions to meet all requirements for your business

  • Control energy consumption

    Tune energy consumption to meet real demand – and avoid waste 

  • Dynamic energy management

    Remote management and full visibility across your footprint

  • Retrofit or deploy in new facilities

    Provide a consistent, comfortable experience for your customers 

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