NexRev to attend Edison Electric Institute’s workshop in Miami, March 19th-22nd

NexRev to attend Edison Electric Institute’s workshop in Miami, March 19th-22nd

Later this month (March 19th-22nd) NexRev will be attending the EEI (Edison Electric Institute) Spring National Key Accounts Workshop in Miami. The workshop provides a platform “where national corporate energy users can explore the latest industry trends, discuss best practices for tackling all of their energy-related needs…and meet face-to-face with electric company representatives, corporate customer peers, and technology companies and industry suppliers.”

Exploring the latest technologies and discussing how to move to clean energy and meet sustainability goals are high up the agenda, as are discovering ways to reduce operational waste and lower energy use and cost while also identifying incentive opportunities across the US. Claiming energy credits and tax deductions will be the subject of a future blog – so watch this space to find out how we can help you claim allowable credits and rebates!

NexRev has helped businesses across North America save more than five billion kWh of energy which has reduced their energy costs by over $1 billion and over two billion kg of CO2 emissions. Our customers include significant household names in retail, restaurants, finance, travel and leisure, federal and municipal Government buildings, schools, and universities. 

Home Depot, Lowes, Floor & Décor, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ross, Burlington, At Home, Academy Sports, and Bank of America as well as movie theaters across America, including Cinemark, Regal, AMC, and CMX, are all working with NexRev to reduce their energy use.

Innovation, NexRev and the EEI (Edison Electric Institute) Workshop

At the EEI workshop we will demonstrate our portfolio of innovative products and services - including our Energy and Building Management System (EMS/BMS) - that reduces the amount of electricity used to operate commercial buildings – and monitor the reduction.

Freedom - NexRev’s combined Energy and Building Management System (EMS / BMS)

Freedom provides a centralized view of the connected devices, sensors and meters that have been installed within a commercial building – and any deployments of NexRev’s DrivePak.

We built Freedom from the ground up with our team of engineers (with decades of EMS/BMS experience), starting with the local control routines and user interfaces to provide a solid foundation for the system.

NexRev Enterprise is the data processing engine that aggregates, stores, and filters the essential data collected from remote sites and transmitted over IoT networks, so that our customers can see – at a glance – KPIs and reports that provide actionable insights to optimize energy consumption.

With integrated analytics and automated workflows, NexRev Enterprise provides efficient monitoring and control for energy management – covering HVACs, lights, and more.

This earlier blog discusses How energy managers are getting the most out of Freedom, our Energy and Building Management System EMS / BMS solution for commercial buildings.

NexRev Panel - Moving organizations to the cloud

As mentioned above, Freedom uses IoT to transmit meaningful data to the cloud. 

NexRev Panel collects and mediates data from other devices providing a gateway to the NexRev Enterprise Cloud. The NexRev panel can replace legacy systems – such as those from Novar - bringing users into the IoT age.  It enables organizations to:

Connect remote devices for rich insights

Aggregate and collect data from NexRev and other devices, unitary controllers, and more - feeding the NexRev Enterprise Cloud platform so you can benefit from rich insights.

Extend to multiple sensors and services

Localized control of any NexRev sensor, covering lighting, HVACs, and pumps – bringing assets together in a single interface

DrivePak – reducing the energy consumption of HVACs

With HVAC accounting for 42% of total building energy use, NexRev DrivePak can provide up to 22% energy savings.  DrivePak reduces peak demand and controls spikes for more efficient energy consumption and substantial cost savings. 

More than 85,000 DrivePak’s have been installed  in commercial buildings of all shapes and sizes. Read more about DrivePak in this blog: How can you reduce costs for your HVAC systems and applications?

Getting started towards lower energy consumption, a lower bill – and an energy waste conscious-organization

Working with NexRev, our customers have now saved over $1B on their energy bills and in waste reduction, which equates to more than five Billion kWh of energy saved – and over two Billion Kg reduction of CO2 emissions.

To learn more about EEI’s workshop in Miami from March 19th-22nd, please visit its website here, and if you’d like to pre-book a meeting with the NexRev team, please contact us.

Alternatively, to begin the conversation about how you can reduce energy consumption and do your bit to slow down energy waste, please send a message to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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